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Business Continuity Plan

AOG Wealth Management Business Continuity Plan Summary Notice

In its own best interests and pursuant to FINRA and SEC regulation, AOG Wealth Management has a Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) in place to prepare for the possibility of future significant business disruptions (“SBD”) ranging in severity from a firm only disruption to a regional disruption. AOG Wealth Management’s recovery time from an SBD will depend on the severity and significance of the event. AOG Wealth Management estimates the recovery time to range from three to twenty-four hours.

AOG Wealth Management has a functional offsite facility located in Reston, VA providing an alternative location from which it can reasonably operate under such a SBD. AOG Wealth Management’s electronic records, as well as those of its clearing firm, TD Ameritrade, are backed-up to a secure off-site location on a weekly basis. In the event of a catastrophic failure on a scale up to and including a citywide disruption, AOG Wealth Management will continue business operations from this offsite facility. Clients will continue to contact us via phone at 1-877-600-3573 and/or our clearing firm, TD Ameritrade, at 800-934-6124. Alternatively, clients may access the following Web sites to contact us and/or our clearing firm: or If you have any questions regarding this summary, please call 1-877-600-3573.