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4 Great Reasons to Create an Estate Plan Today

by AOG Wealth Management

Many people think that making an estate plan is the exclusive responsibility of the wealthy. The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much money you have; you need to plan, especially for the inevitable.

estate planning

AOG Wealth Management discuss four reasons estate planning for Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area families can be beneficial to not just your heirs, but to you as well:

1. Prevent Your Assets from Going to Unintended Beneficiaries

Without a plan in place, how will you be able to choose who receives your assets and how to best divide your assets? Without an estate plan, the government will decide how to distribute your assets; a process that can take years and can potentially cause stress among your family.

2. Prepare for the Unexpected

What happens if you become unable to handle or manage your own affairs? Without an estate plan, a Probate Judge, after a public hearing, will appoint a guardian and conservator to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your affairs are in the hands of a trusted relative, friend, or attorney?

3. Reducing Estate Taxes for Your Beneficiaries

With proper planning, you can lower or even eliminate your heirs’ federal and state estate taxes. As financial experts with experience in tax planning for Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area families, we can work with you to transfer assets to your heirs with a focus on the tax implications.

4. Avoiding Probate

Without a plan, your estate may be subject to delays and huge fees, while your assets become a matter of public record. Planning, however, can let you structure your affairs in a way that avoids probate entirely.

Let the Great Falls, McLean and all of Northern Virginia financial planning experts work with you today to set up your estate plan. We operate in a boutique setting so it’s easy to find solutions to every unique financial concern that you may have. The AOG team is committed to being with you every step of the way because you deserve the road less traveled.

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