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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Investing this Summer

by AOG Wealth Management

We’re well into summer, and many are asking how the U.S. market is doing. Is there a way to prevent the Federal Reserve from moving interest rates? Will this be a good time to invest? How will this affect stocks?

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If you’re considering working with a NOVA wealth management firm or planning to invest this summer, you might want to consider these five themes:

  1. It’s still unclear whether the Fed will move rates this September. Though we expect a September hike due to dropping unemployment, the current condition of the markets show that rates are likely to increase only in December. The Fed’s decision will depend on how the economic recovery unfolds. Nevertheless, overall data looks more positive than expected.
  1. Experts are seeing a moderate bounce of 2.0 to 2.25% in the U.S. GDP for the remainder of 2015—that is, assuming better productivity. Possible key drivers of reacceleration include improving exports, business capital spending, acceleration in housing, and others.
  1. Watch out for the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against Obamacare subsidies. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on King v. Burwell by the end of June 2015. If rejected, the administration will need to rely on Congress to grant a law allowing such subsidies. This will essentially open various discussions to other ACA modifications, among others.
  1. According the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), oil costs are on the longest-running decline for 20 years, despite recent growth. Prices will most probably drift down shortly as the U.S. and the international producers contend for share. Still, there are too many variables involved, making it hard to define any meaningful forecast.
  1. Lastly, the U.S. Presidential election will most likely be a very heated campaign. It’s likely to cast doubts on many U.S. policies such as healthcare, banks, energy, and corporate taxes. It may also raise issues related to the dollar and the Fed.

While the current state of the U.S. economy poses a lot of uncertainties, there is one thing you must be sure of: that you can’t wait to plan for your retirement due to uncertainty…there will always be economic uncertainty. Working with a Reston wealth management expert—such as AOG Wealth Management – can help you navigate economic uncertainty and make the investment decisions that are suitable for your situation and financial goals.

We believe in accountability, teamwork, accuracy, responsiveness, client satisfaction, integrity, loyalty, respect, and continuing education. These principles enable us to provide dependable asset and wealth management services amid economic uncertainty.

For reliable investment management services this summer, call us at (866) 993-0203. We will be ready to assist you on your wealth management needs.

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