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College Degree: Your First Step to Financial Success

by AOG Wealth Management

We know that getting a college degree is not a guaranteed way to a more comfortable life in the future. But there are actually numerous benefits you can get from graduating from college. Getting a degree does not only open up more employment opportunities, it also clears a path to better career development and higher earning potential as this recent study shows. According to

There’s a reason your mom and dad told you to go to college. It vaults you to the top of the earnings food chain in the Washington area.

Workers with a college degree employed in the Washington area are enjoying wage gains while those with less education are seeing their wages decline, according to a new study from the Commonwealth Institute, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute and the Maryland Center for Economic Policy.

Specifically, the report found the median wage has dropped by 5 percent since 2007 for workers with only a high school degree and by 13 percent for workers without a high school degree.

Though this new study shows that having a college degree increases the chance of you getting a bigger paycheck than most undergrads, it does not necessarily mean that you’ll be well off in the future. Financial stability comes with careful planning and wise handling of your finances; and for you to get an idea of how this works, there are financial advisors in Northern Virginia who can help you meet your future goals. You just have to be careful and hire those who have the experience and a good track record so that you can be sure that your hard-earned money is in good hands.

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