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Spring Cleaning

by AOG Wealth Management

Congratulations! You did it! The first 2015 tax filing deadline is behind us!

As you reflected on your 2015 overall financial picture, I’m sure that the statements, documents, and paperwork began to stack up. In looking ahead and as you begin to plan those “spring cleaning” and gardening projects around the house, don’t forget to sort through your financial documents as well!

We’ve taken a few moments to suggest our top 3 items for you to consider:

  • First Things First- Always start with your budget. As you reviewed your annual statements and looked over your spending habits for 2015, maybe you looked at your budget more frequently than you should. Honestly, the idea of a budget can be daunting; but it should be a tool and a guideline for your lifestyle and a way to target your goals for the future. Don’t stress over it, but instead make it work for you. An annual budget review is ideal and will truly set the tone for your entire financial year. In many ways, looking at the budget can even provide some liberation too! Maybe, it’s the right year to buy that new set of golf clubs or take the vacation you’ve been planning!
  • Save Some Trees – Go Paperless. In most everything financially related, you can opt to receive your bills and financial statements by email or by accessing through your online account. This is a great way to go if you’re looking to cut down on the amount of mail you receive, or if you prefer to keep track of your documents on your computer.
  • Peace of Mind – In Case of Emergency. One great place to start is creating an “In Case of Emergency,” or ICE folder.  If you handle the finances for your family, creating a backup folder of important information is a reassuring resource for your loved ones in case anything happens to you.  This ICE folder can be an actual folder in a desk drawer or home safe, or a folder on the desktop of your computer.

Examples of information to include in this folder:

  • Account numbers
  • Login IDs and passwords
  • List of bills you pay each month
  • Investment and retirement fund info
  • Anything else…

Your client service team here at AOG Wealth Management would be happy to assist you in any way we can. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

Happy Cleaning!

Written by Lydia Gosselin and Michelle Miller


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