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Congratulations Joe!

by AOG Wealth Management

Fred and Joe Baerenz 2I am pictured here with my son, Frederick Joseph Baerenz (Joe). This week was his last day working at American Realty Capital. He will be taking a few weeks off and then moving from New York City to Charlottesville to attend law school at the University of Virginia, starting in August. I know we are all proud of the accomplishments of our families, but please indulge me in sharing a few thoughts about Joe.

After graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in 2008, Joe went to Virginia Tech, initially to major in chemical engineering. Four changes later, he graduated with honors, majoring in British Literature, with minors in Chemistry and History. His plan was to substitute teach in public high schools while pursuing a Ph. D. in British Literature, with the goal of teaching at the university level.

Joe had interned at AOG for two summers in high school and two summers in college. After graduating from Va. Tech in 2012 and while finishing up a project for me, Joe was invited to interview at ARC. He is an excellent writer and was promptly offered a position in their marketing department. It turned out that he had absorbed quite a bit of knowledge about investments and process while doing grunt work at AOG. He quickly became a valuable source of insight and information at the ARC home office among staff that had not worked at the “grass roots” level of financial planning and advice.

I am very proud of what Joe has accomplished in his time at ARC. Please join me in congratulating him on two years of excellent work, and wishing him success in law school at the University of Virginia! My big question is….Hokies or Wahoos football on the Saturday after Thanksgiving?

By Frederick Baerenz
President & CEO


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