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ETFs: Giving Investors New Options

by AOG Wealth Management

ETFs are an increasingly popular option for investors. As NOVA wealth management experts, we can help you understand the benefits of ETFs and if they are an appropriate investment product for you.

What is an ETF?

ETF stands for “exchange-traded fund.” It is an investment fund that is traded on stock exchanges. It holds assets like bonds, commodities, or stocks and trades them near its net asset value over the span of the trading day. ETFs offer tax efficiency, low costs and stock-like features.

Good news for investors.

ETFs are giving investors new options. Currency hedging is one of the most popular trends in ETFs, especially over the past year. It can help provide clients with the flexibility of risk management in their portfolio. Over 2014, the number of currency-hedged ETFs has doubled because of the economic environment and the ongoing expansion of ETFs in the investment spectrum.

Currency hedging allows investors to gain the much-needed international exposure without the hassle of being affected by adjustments in the exchange rate. This is made possible by entering into a separate investment that spikes up when the currency falls against the dollar. Currency hedging measures the underlying currency exposure of the current holdings by partnering with another party to accept the returns on one currency in exchange for the other.

Currency hedging is now available to investors and is starting to be the next asset class that was once available only to institutions.

Who is AOG Wealth Management?

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