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Have You Thought About Your 2017 Charitable Giving?

by AOG Wealth Management

We are thankful to work with such generous clients! Americans gave $389.05 billion in 2016. This reflects a 4.2% increase from 2015 and 31% of annual giving occurred in the month of December. 1,
  I think many of us tend to wait till the end of the year to think about annual charitable giving. We may even end up giving to causes and charities that we want to support and succeed, but that are maybe more familiar nominally and not necessarily a personal cause or a charity we have been able to research fully.

A solution to consider that will assist you and your family in facilitating your charitable giving is to open a donor-advised fund. Recently, we hosted an event as part of our Professional Series highlighting United Charitable, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a giving platform and resources to easily give as part of an overall giving plan. A donor-advised fund is an alternative to a private foundation, but with fewer costs, greater tax deductibility and anonymity. With a donor-advised fund, you can continue to give to charities you wish to support, create a scholarship fund, make grants to international charities and create an endowment after you pass for future giving even through your heirs.

A donor-advised fund can be funded with cash, highly appreciated securities, life insurance and real estate. The gift is made to the nonprofit organization (United Charitable) and the amount is deducted in the same year as with other charitable giving. The difference is that you can postpone giving the funds to specific charities until the next year or even years after while the funds are invested and growing. This allows you have time to consider your overall giving strategy and further research the causes you and your family wish to support.

During your next portfolio review with us, ask us more about donor-advised funds! We would be happy to put together a strategic giving plan for you and your family.



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