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How Our Experts Can Help You Realize Your Financial Goals

by AOG Wealth Management

Many people turn to financial advisers to help them organize their financial life. By the time they accomplish their obligations at work and at home, there is little time left over to think about their financial goals. AOG Wealth Management understands this common dilemma, which is why we help our clients identify and map a path toward attaining their financial goals.

Financial Goals

2016 Top Financial Advisers

As the leading company that provides investment management in Washington, DC, we are proud to say that our advisers are effective at what they do. In fact, they grab the attention of the country’s leading financial organizations consistently. This year, Northern Virginia Magazine featured our very own Fred Baerenz and Jim Ortlip as part of 2016’s list of top financial advisers.

Fred Baerenz is a credentialed Northern Virginia wealth management professional who specializes in investment and retirement planning. As CEO and president, he joins other AOG Wealth Management specialists in providing services for individuals and families seeking wealth protection and growth. Jim Ortlip is a risk management professional. By working closely with our clients, he’s able to formulate steps that help mitigate risk for smarter investing.

Why Choose AOG Wealth Management

Financial goals are unique for each individual or household, which is why we work to provide customized investment solutions. We look at your personal goals, circumstances, and objectives to help formulate the necessary strategies. Whether you want to focus on tax preparation and planning or asset management in Washington, DC, our experts can guide you every step of the way.

AOG Wealth management differs from other investment management firms because we put additional emphasis on other aspects of your plan. For us, an investment is more than just a combination of stocks, bonds, and cash. We also base our strategies on certain factors, such as your private equity, managed futures, cash equivalents, and equipment leasing.

As you can see, we are not just your typical financial planning expert. We employ a durable income model to actively monitor your assets and other investments. From there, we customize your portfolio and create solutions based on your risk/reward profile.

From college savings plans to retirement funds, we are here to help. Simply call us at (866) 993-0203 to schedule a consultation with our advisers today.

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