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Investment Management: 5 Valuable Principles to Live By

by AOG Wealth Management

The largely unpredictable terrain of the financial market can be hard to navigate, especially for first timers. With a few of the basics, however, you should be able to navigate where to start and learn the right lessons along the journey to achieving your goals.


With that in mind, let your experienced wealth management advisor in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia provide you with five guiding principles to live by:

1. Diversify Your Investments

This means allocating your capital in a way that reduces the risks associated with sticking to just one asset class (stocks, bonds, cash, etc.). In so doing, you will be able to manage the ups and downs of the market better.

2. Invest For The Long Term 

Time and compounding interest are key ingredients in any successful investment portfolio. In most cases, the longer the better. As the top name in investment management in Ashburn, VA and all of Northern Virginia, we can teach you how to align your investment strategy with your goals and risk tolerance.

3. Accept What is and Prepare for What will Be

The market is unpredictable; accept this fact. Fluctuations in the market are a normal and expected part of investing. Short-term upheavals, on the other hand, can favor the long-term investor, since drops in the market can be buying opportunities for stocks that are essentially on sale.

4. Maintain Some Form of Liquidity

Emergencies will not wait for your investment to grow, so it’s always best to have something to fall back on when necessary. In addition, knowing that you have your short-term needs covered will help you with the unexpected.

Incremental Investing is Crucial

Simply put, it is better to be largely right by investing steadily over time than precisely wrong by going in all at once. Remember that the market is volatile, so it wouldn’t be prudent to invest large amounts of funds without expecting shifts in the market.

Let us handle your wealth management in Washington, DC and in Northern Virginia. Unlike other models, we offer a well-diversified investment portfolio that includes stocks, bonds, real estate, leasing, private equity, and cash equivalents. We are committed to being with you every step of the way because you deserve the road less traveled.

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