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Is a Unit Investment Trust a Good Investment Alternative?

by AOG Wealth Management

Unit investment trusts (UITs) offer a set of bonds, securities, and stocks. These may be the right investment for you if you’re looking for a diverse portfolio. Experienced portfolio managers or analysts select securities for UITs. They research the securities and screen them according to particular objectives and characteristics. UITs are a popular investment alternative if you like knowing what investments you hold in a particular investment vehicle since the securities held in a UIT don’t change.

UITs follow a “buy and hold” strategy in contrast to the “buy and sell” strategy of actively managed investment funds. These may be good investment options if you want to reduce the chances of buying and selling the same stocks and bonds.

As UITs are composed of different securities, sufficient research is needed to ensure that the UITs you’re getting suit your risk profile. This can be a time-consuming and complicated process, so you may need to consult a financial advisor.

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