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Message from the President: Tuning Out the Noise

by AOG Wealth Management

I remember getting a “Civics” badge as a Boy Scout, attending the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans as a high school senior, and enjoying many civics debates in both high school and college. I even captained the William and Mary team on Model United Nations to victory at the nationals in 1984. Having majored in Government, History and Economics, I had wonderful professors from diverse political orientations make their observations with passion and intellectual vigor.

Like most of you, I have been so discouraged by over politicization from both the left and the right over the last three years. Although I rarely watch television, I am quick to “mute” or fast forward through any political add. During our weekly staff meeting the first week of August, we were scheduled to discuss tariffs, and their possible effect on the stock market. Wiehan usually selects material and leads that part of the meeting, but I asked him to utilize the article below in our briefing materials. It is authored by Kevin O’Leary, who is the Chairman of O’Shares, and an investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank. I find The Hill to be a reliable bipartisan site, so I hope you enjoy the read and are better able to “tune out” the partisan noise. Regardless of your political persuasion, we only have to endure another seven weeks of electioneering and partisan bickering!

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