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No traffic jams on the “extra mile”

by AOG Wealth Management

AOGI just attended the annual Investment Program Association meeting in Dallas. AOG Wealth Management is the first Registered Investment Advisor that is also affiliated with a Broker Dealer to be admitted to membership in this prestigious organization. Further, I have been invited to join the Policy Committee, whose membership is primarily composed of the most senior members of the association. Our industry is wrestling with some significant regulatory issues over the next two years, and I my input has been sought to represent the perspective of advisors and investors.

At the meeting, I was the first attendee to answer a Dallas Cowboy trivia question, and received an autographed football from Roger Staubach. Instead of a handoff, he fired a tight spiral from about thirty yards away (of course I caught it)! As a Heisman trophy winner at the Naval Academy, Naval Officer, Super Bowl MVP, Member of the NFL Hall of Fame, and very successful businessman, Roger made numerous points about character and leadership. One of his statements especially caught my attention. He said “there are no traffic jams on the ‘extra mile'”. I like avoiding traffic by traveling where there isn’t a crowd. Why is the “extra mile” not crowded? Because it requires hard work, dedication and perseverance.   I hope that your experience with AOG is that we live on the “extra mile”.

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