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Proper Mindset: Three Principles For Achieving Your Financial Goals – Part II: Impact: Scaling Your Path to Achieving Your Financial Goals

by AOG Wealth Management

Think small, and your achievements will be small. If you want to achieve financial success, , you need to visualize what it is you want…no matter how big or small. And a very important part of visualization is to do it with your spouse to confirm you both are working toward the same financial goals.

In planning your financial path, it’s important to set achievable goals, but that doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to small, easy goals. If you want something bigger, include it in your plan. Things can change on your way to achieving your financial goals – your job, career, salary, etc. – so the first step is to identify it as something you want to works towards.

You will never gain the experience necessary to achieve goals small and large if you don’t at least target them and learn what is that may or may not be achievable. While you may not achieve some of your financial goals, that’s ok. It’s the precious experiences you gain – and accumulate –along the way that will ultimately allow you to attain your more of your financial goals along the way Plus, goals have a tendency to change. You’ll add some new goals. You’ll drop some of your original goals.

Thinking big isn’t about overreaching; rather, it’s about charting a path, believing in yourself, and believing in your ability to overcome the obstacles in your way. A big part of your ability to succeed at something lies in what you believe yourself capable of achieving. If you don’t see yourself as being able to do what it takes to reach a particular higher, larger goal, then you’re going to end up settling for something smaller.

Experience and impact, ultimately, lead us to the last principle of success, vision, which affects your ability to get where you want to go. More in Part Three.

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