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Rising Up from the Recession

by AOG Wealth Management

The U.S. economy has experienced modest economic growth over the past few years. Out of the chaos of the recession, Chief Global Economist at Principal Global Investors Bob Baur believes that economic expansion will continue. Other countries have been experiencing growth as well.

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Slow but Sure Economic Growth

China is one of the countries with a fast-growing market, but the growth has slowed down from 10% to 7%. It may signal slow growth, but some think that this is a rebalancing or redistribution of growth. Countries such as the U.S., Japan, and Europe have been doing well these past few years. Despite the increase in debt, it can be beneficial in the long term. Borrowing money means that you are creating a better basis for future growth.

Although the growth is slow, it does not mean that the country will go back to recession. We simply have to get used to slower growth. Europe has been in a similar situation, and they have been doing well in terms of consistent growth. When McLean area investors seek financial planning assistance, it is important to understand these macro-economic factors and financial advisors who do as well.

A Positive Future for the Global Market

According to Bob Baur, investors in Australia may become more interested in potential in other parts of the world. There is also more opportunity in equity markets in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. rather than emerging markets and countries dependent on exports.

This year, Baur believes that there will be a recovery in equity markets and approximately 5% growth. As more consumers spend, the housing market continually grows and more jobs will be available. Consequently, a 2016 recession is highly doubtful.

Financial advisors providing estate planning in Washington, DC like AOG Wealth Management can help you make the most of this growth. We specialize in tailored solutions for asset management and wealth management as well as financial planning. We have been helping many investors for years, and we always base our solutions on your goals and situations.

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