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Safeguard Your Assets: The Importance of Estate Planning

by AOG Wealth Management

Effective planning is essential to achieving your financial goals, as managing personal finances today is more complicated than ever. AOG Wealth Management is committed to serving our clients and improving their financial literacy. Let us talk to you about estate planning, and explain why having an up-to-date estate plan is significant.

Financial Advisor

Financial Literacy is Important

Studies have shown that over half the adult population, approximately 120 million people, does not have and up-to-date estate plan to safeguard their families and themselves. People are living longer, but saving proportionally less because the high cost of health care, education, and taxes drain their money. That is why financial literacy is important. As an expert in estate planning in Washington DC, we advise clients to create an estate plan to make sure their assets go to the right place.

The Need for Estate Planning

This is important because we have entered the greatest wealth transfer in history. A report by John J. Havens and Paul G. Schervish from the Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, Boston College, shows that an estimated 59 trillion dollars will be transferred from 116 million households from 2007 to 2061. Without financial and estate planning, a significant amount of these assets may go to waste. We recommend going for our McLean financial planning and estate planning to avoid this.

The Ways We Can Help

We can make sure that your assets go to the people and organizations you care about. AOG Wealth Management can provide you with better financial management tools and information. We can also help you make better informed everyday financial decisions. As a specialist in estate and tax planning in Washington DC, we can help you ensure that your wishes are carried out and reduce the costs involved in distributing your wealth.

Proper estate planning will bring you closer to your financial goals. This will make sure that your wealth will go to the right persons or organizations and be used as you intended. We provide highly responsive and personalized service for our clients. Some of the services we provide include investment planning, home mortgage assistance, tax efficient strategies, and innovative stock and bond selection. Call us at (866) 993-0203 to learn more about estate planning or about our other services.

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