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The Home Stretch

by AOG Wealth Management

I can recall my parents and grandparents commenting in years past that as they aged, time seemed to pass more quickly. Now that I understand the sentiment I wonder, does that mean that I am more wise and mature, or just that I am getting older? With Washington DC high temperatures in the 80s this week, we have had one last glimpse of summer, and with lows in the 50s, we know that fall has arrived and winter will soon be upon us. For those of you who are counting, Christmas is only 76 shopping days away, and the first night of Hanukkah is only 57 days away.

At AOG last week we completed our sixth and last regular client education event of the year. Jim and I are busily preparing for the annual meeting of the Alternative Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA) beginning October 11. We will spend four days in Las Vegas reviewing economic trends, industry concepts, and conducting about 20 due diligence meetings. The rest of the AOG staff is busy scheduling and preparing for fourth quarter client reviews, many of which will feature meetings utilizing our new “Projections Report.”

It is hard to believe that the fourth quarter has already started. I still have items on my summer “to do” list, but I guess they will have to wait until 2016. We have begun our “sprint to the finish” tasks, and after a few very busy months, will look forward to celebrating our 2015 accomplishments with you.

Category: Company Updates