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Things to Remember About Asset Allocation

by AOG Wealth Management

AOG Wealth Management provides customized investment management and wealth management services to clients based on their unique financial objectives. As an Independent Registered Advisor, we specialize in managing wealth for high-net-worth companies, individuals, trusts and accounts of similar nature. Today, we discuss asset allocation:

Things to Remember About Asset Allocation

Understanding Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is an investment portfolio technique that helps balance risk by dividing assets among major categories like derivatives, cash, real estate, stocks and bonds. Since each asset class has different levels of risk and return, they will behave in different ways over time. While one asset class increases in value, another might not move or even decrease. The right asset allocation can help protect you against major loss if something goes wrong with one investment class or subclass.

Things to Remember When Allocating Assets

We help our clients reach their financial goals through our asset management services, which we tailor to the unique needs of each client. There is no simple formula for asset allocation, but it’s important to keep certain key points in mind. You need to have a specific goal when allocating your assets, and your portfolio needs to reflect that goal. Don’t be afraid to modify your asset allocation as circumstances change.

It’s important to save and invest as soon as possible if you want to enjoy the best results from your portfolio. You also need to understand the risk-return tradeoff and how much risk you can tolerate. You have to develop the ability to weigh the relationship between risk and return if you want your asset allocation to be successful.

We provide McLean asset management services to help our clients from all different backgrounds to safeguard and increase their wealth. AOG Wealth also provides financial planning services and small business services. We serve clients in Washington, DC and the entire Metro DC area. Call us at (866) 993-0203 to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


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