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Top Economist Speaks at an AOG Event

by AOG Wealth Management

Wesbury revisedOn May 21st, 2014, AOG Wealth Management was thrilled to welcome Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist for First Trust Advisors. I track five economists closely, and about twenty across the spectrum for conservative Supply Side Economists to the most liberal Keynesians. Brian has been my long-time favorite economist, and it was a real delight to welcome him to our Client Education Program.

I have utilized Unit Investment Trusts (diversified like mutual funds, but with exact knowledge of the stocks, and a specified time for the holding period) for almost twenty years. I have used First Trust for most of that time, and their research and analysis has been very helpful to AOG clients. Brian Wesbury is a frequent columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and can be seen periodically as an economic analyst on CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg and FOX News.

Among the projections that Brian shared last Wednesday are that GDP growth for 2014 is expected to average 3% despite the weak first quarter, and expand to 4% growth for 2015. He is concerned about interest rates rising significantly beginning in 2016, and that the FED may wait too long to prevent inflation from accelerating faster than any time since the 1970s.   Although a technical correction can happen at any time, Brian believes that the stock market is still somewhat undervalued due to record corporate profits, and that the stock market should continue to advance through 2015. I am so glad that many of you were able to hear Brian speak in a live presentation. For more of his analysis, please see his weekly outlook message at the URL below.

By Frederick Baerenz
President & CEO

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