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What To Expect For Tax Season

by Erica Schaeffer

Tax season is upon us!  Please take a glance at our helpful tax tools and important dates listed below.....

Tax Preparation Packets

As a wealth management firm specializing in assisting high net worth individuals and businesses with their financial needs, we strive to provide exemplary client service.  As a component of that service, we are in the process of preparing a Tax Packet which will be emailed the week of February 17th, if not sooner. If you would prefer a hardcopy of this information mailed to you, please email me at  Our AOG tax packet will include the following (if applicable):

*   Checklist of tax reporting documents you should expect to receive for investments we manage.  Please collect and forward all incoming tax documents to your tax preparer.  We will be happy to assist with any missing documents.

*   TD Ameritrade 1099

*   TD Ameritrade Cost Basis

Partnership Programs

The tentative deadline to issue partnership K-1's to investors is scheduled for March 15, 2020.  Partnerships anticipate that K-1 packages will be sent via hard copy or electronically to clients on or before that date.  In rare instances the deadline has been delayed.  The tax filing package you receive from the partnership will include IRS Schedule K-1.

For those who invested in a Land Development/Conservation Easement, you will also receive access to an online portal (sent directly from the investment company) which will contain tax documents such as Form 8283, Form 8886 and K-1. 

Please call our office at 703-757-8020 and one of our client service team members will be more than happy to assist you with any questions.  


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