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Why You Should Choose a Financial Advisor Wisely

by AOG Wealth Management

How are you supposed to choose your financial planner? According to an article in Forbes:

When people think of their money and how it is managed, they often zoom in on one metric — how well their investments performed compared to the broader market.But a new survey reveals that another big factor determines whether someone is satisfied with his or her investment firm: the financial advisor.

“The study finds that there are two elements beyond investment performance separating firms with high satisfaction from those with low satisfaction: the person that investors credit for their investment performance and the relationship investors have with their advisor,”

This article shows that investment satisfaction is not just about money matters. How you deal with your Northern Virginia financial planner matters too, so you definitely want to get someone who understands you. There will always be comfort in knowing that you are working with people who know what they are doing but you will feel more secure with one who actually listens to you. We all have different investment needs after all. Find the right financial planner and rest assured all your exact needs, both business and personal, will be addressed.

With AOG Wealth Management, you’re not going to get cookie-cutter solutions because the firm understands that your goals are different from your neighbor’s and that guy you always see at the golf course. By establishing a relationship built primarily on trust, your Northern Virginia financial advisor can create a combination of products and services that will fit your needs. AOG Wealth Management also offers a boutique environment so all your needs are all under one roof. The firm’s advisory team’s vast experience has afforded them the insight to address a wide array of financial hurdles and provided solutions to many different clients . Call today to learn more about what AOG Wealth Management can do for you.

(Article Excerpt from “10 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Financial Advisor”, Forbes, May 9, 2013)

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