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Financial Planning

Impactful Generosity

On May 23rd, the Washington, DC Metro Chapter of Advisors in Philanthropy hosted an event at the Imagination Stage in Bethesda, Maryland centered around “Stories on Impact- How Advisors and their Clients are Amplifying Giving in their Communities.” Fred Baerenz was asked to be a featured panelist to discuss how our team exemplifies this in […]

Simple Steps to Lowering Financial Stress

Financial stress can affect your personal relationships, your happiness and even your health. Fortunately, deliberate action and a focused approach can decrease your stress and simultaneously improve your financial situation. AOG Wealth Management, for a boutique firm offering wealth management services in the local area, explains more below.

Financial Planning Milestones and Checklist

During various stages of our lives, there are key ages/milestones to keep in mind for financial-planning purposes.  We have put together the time table below to track several of these life-events that we plan for and incorporate into each of our clients’ financial plans:

4 Things You Need to Know About Retirement Planning

What steps can you take to ensure a comfortable, stress-free retirement? While starting to save for retirement early in your career is the first step, there are other factors that will affect the success of your retirement plan. Read on as AOG Wealth Management, your professional investment management advisor, shares some advice.