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March Madness at AOG!

by AOG Wealth Management

On Friday, March 16th the team at AOG Wealth Management hosted our 6th Annual March Madness Open House for AOG clients and friends. 


by Wiehan Peyper

The biggest buzzwords in the financial media toward the latter part of 2017 were certainly Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As the Bitcoin frenzy picked up, the AOG wealth Management team received multiple inquiries from clients to ask about the implementation possibilities of such “investments” into their portfolios.

Simple Steps to Lowering Financial Stress

by AOG Wealth Management

Financial stress can affect your personal relationships, your happiness and even your health. Fortunately, deliberate action and a focused approach can decrease your stress and simultaneously improve your financial situation. AOG Wealth Management, for a boutique firm offering wealth management services in the local area, explains more below.

Practical Advice for Investing in Your 40’s

by AOG Wealth Management

It’s never too late to make room for your financial priorities. By the time you’ve reached your 40s, you will be heading towards your peak earning years. However, if you’re just now starting to save for retirement, you’ll have less time to take advantage of compounded interest. Fortunately, with proper investment management, you may be able to […]

Important Economic Factors That Can Affect Mortgage Rates

by AOG Wealth Management

The lowest possible mortgage rates are generally only available to mortgage borrowers with excellent credit histories and solid finances. This is because mortgage lenders have to manage their risk through their interest rates. But aside from the borrowers’ financial status, there are many other factors that affect the general level of mortgage interest rates. AOG Wealth Management […]