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Private Banking and Wealth Management Differences

by AOG Wealth Management

Wealth management and private banking are terms that overlap, but these two financial services differ slightly. Private banking usually refers to an envelope solution wherein a private or public financial institution offers high-net-worth clients personalized management and care of their finances. Wealth management is a broader category that involves dealing with the optimization of the […]

Wealth and Asset Management Explained – Part 3: Wealth and Asset Management Planning: How Much Is Enough?

by AOG Wealth Management

Wealth and asset management are designed to maintain and grow your finances, helping you secure a life of financial stability and freedom. You’ve always heard that it pays to start early, but how do you know that you’ve done enough with your finances? The answer differs for every individual, but you can figure it out […]

4 Tips to Help You Recover From a Financial Setback

by AOG Wealth Management

A major unexpected emergency can cause distress and take up all your attention and energy to resolve. Often, the emotional impact of a bad event means that money will be the last thing on your mind. However, you’ll need to focus on your financial stability whether you feel like it or not. Today, AOG Wealth […]