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Joseph Yoon

Welcome Joseph Yoon

Senior Wealth Advisor


Our mission at AOG Wealth Management is to provide our clients the ability to live their Work-Optional lifestyle by providing the plan, strategy and tools to do so. As such, we continue to grow in the right ways in order to better serve our clients and to do so, we believe investing in top talent.

To that end, Joseph Yoon, CIMA® is the next logical step of our growth. Joe brings extensive knowledge in financial planning, tax mitigation, & endowment-style investing. A naturally curious individual, Joe asks thoughtful questions to help clients think through different scenarios. Often times, discussing complex tax saving strategies can be very difficult to understand. Joe has an unparalleled ability to take the complex and make it simple for clients and prospective clients to understand. We wanted to expand the talent, time and capabilities of the professionals serving our existing clients and Joe allows us to do so.

Joe has over 20 years of experience within the financial services industry and is passionate about building relationships with and providing value to his clients. Joe has worked for various financial organizations throughout his career. He holds the Certified Investment Management Analyst® certification, administered by the Investments & Wealth Institute and taught in conjunction with the Yale School of Management. Joe also has achieved his B.A. in Economics from The John Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland.

“I enjoy working with my clients to educate them with a goal of making complex topics seem much simpler. They have worked hard for their wealth, and it is important that they feel empowered when it comes to their financial plan and investments.”

A goal at AOG is to continue to enhance the experience, attention, and expertise devoted to our existing clients. Joe is a natural fit as he has been advising clients for over a decade and is joining AOG to serve our current and future clients. Joe has the talent and capability to anticipate clients needs and take action to assist. Whether it’s discussing the tax implications of their investments or employing other financial planning tools and strategies, Joe is focused on improving his clients’ situations. More over, he wants clients to feel that the team at AOG Wealth Management is an integral and essential part of their lives. Joe has a unique definition of success. He believes that you never want to be successful. You always want to be striving to be successful. By perpetually moving the bar ever higher, this mindset motivates him to improve every day. By investing in people like Joe, we are expanding our leadership team, and positioning ourselves for long-term growth and success.

Joe passionately believes in the vision of AOG Wealth: helping clients plan for their work-optional lifestyle. And so, he joins us as Senior Wealth Advisor tasked with providing exceptional leadership, guidance and long-term succession for AOG Wealth Management.