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4 Ways to Reduce Financial Stress

by AOG Wealth Management

Most of us never talk about our financial worries, but this keep-mum attitude isn’t actually doing us any favors. According to the annual “Stress in America: Paying with Our Health” study, the American Psychological Association found that almost 72% of adults report stress over money at least some of the time. Twenty two percent of them, on the other hand, measure their stress level as extreme.

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This leaves you open to a variety of risks both physical and psychological. Sleep issues, weight gain, depression, and increased blood pressure are just some of them. To help you get over the stress and gain some measure of control over your finances, turn to AOG Wealth Management, your trusted financial advisor in Washington, DC. Here are some helpful ways to loosen the hold of financial stress upon you:

  1. Be open about your money situation. It might feel uncomfortable, but sharing your current financial issues to a spouse or family member paves the way to reduced stress levels. This also helps you work toward a solution, since you have someone to rely on now. This team approach is essential to saving money and paying debts, eventually leading to financial freedom.
  2. Set goals. Careful planning can help you prioritize spending and balance competing demands on your money. Are you saving up for retirement or looking to reduce tax burden? List the things that you want money to do for you then set definitive goals. Reston wealth management experts from AOG can help you with this. We provide customized investment solutions based on your personal goals and objectives.
  3. Create a spending report. This lets you understand and keep track of where your money goes. Input all your expenses, small and big alike. Consider which of them you can trim or do without. Being informed of every dollar you spend will lower financial stress while providing you with some breathing room.
  4. Earn more money. One of the best ways to reduce financial stress? Generate more income. This lets you get rid of debt while letting you save for a rainy day. A side job on the weekends, for instance, can already make a big difference.

Financial concerns will be the least of your worries when you turn to the experts for financial planning in Washington, DC, AOG Wealth Management. With our institutional-quality investment management services, we’ll help you break ground on financial freedom and stability.

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